I Believe In Life After Death.

Richard - Seaview, Washington
Entered on September 14, 2008
Age Group: 65+


I Believe In Life After Death


First Near Death Experience


Just married and a near death experience left us with $1100 and a 9×9 tent

Traveled six months in mexico and central america

The time was used reprogramming a damaged brain


Laying the foundation


Returned home and immediately gave away all books

During near death journeys was told to do this

Was told to use ‘love’ as my new foundation to build upon

Went through bookstores and made selections by ‘feel’

Each new book selected and mastered felt like another step up a mountain

Was told what job to get that would allow traveling

Worked and traveled all over the world

Investigated every religion cult and group that could be found


Second Near Death Experience


In both near death experiences was visited by the shining twelve

Who circled my bed in each hospital

And shared their energy to prevent my death

Now knew that we are never alone

Intuition had been greatly enhanced

Becoming a two way conversation


With Great Effort Have Learned


To create an ‘ideal’ and only make decisions that match this ideal

Criticism and suggestion are the same word

One cannot forgive another only oneself for holding such anger against another

To seek out people who can upset me and thank them for pointing out my faults

The difference between understanding and knowing is experience

And each new experience creates more compassion and less fear

My thoughts are magnets and will attract others with similar magnets

And understood this is an absolute system of justice and the judge is myself

To always follow the suggestion ‘be more aware of my presence’


Was Given An Eternal Path To Follow


There is an eternal creative presence in each of us

Our purpose is to allow this presence to express through us

This expression we call love

By giving attention acknowledgement appreciation respect and admiration to all we encounter

Until it becomes so automatic we are no longer aware of doing it

We have become a channel for this expression

By giving what we wanted to receive

We became that which we sought


I Believe In Life After Death