The Beauty Around Us i Believe

Chris - sacramento, California
Entered on September 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

The Beauty Around Us I Believe

What I believe in is the simplest but most over looked thing in this world. What I believe

in is the beauty in the world that surrounds us. To me everything around us, to me is considered

a wonderful work of art. Whether it is a lovely morning created by nature in the middle of the

fall season or if it the bright lights of the city created by man, being admired from a distance. I

believe that these simple things are truly what make this world great.

So many things can be created from the peace of mind of what surrounds us, whether it

be art, a story, or music. A person could paint a picture of the suns horizon as it spends its last

hour casting its light. Someone could have a very detailed setting in a book that they wrote, that

paints a picture so well in the readers mind that it can take them to that place where they can

linger there until the next good setting. A man could also write a song about his memories of the

time he spent as a young man cruising the grassy countryside on a road trip. Everything around

us can bring out a feeling that we can express through pretty much anything we want.

When I was with my cousins in Oahu Hawaii we would spend hours looking at the bright

stars in the night sky. We would also climb up on the roof and watch the bright city lights from a

distance and just couldn’t take our eyes off of it. Some of the people that we were hanging out

with at the time said it wasn’t anything special, but they just couldn’t understand how we felt.

Every night we went up there, we would say how rare it is that we see a view like that back at

home. At that moment in time, those simple things were the most gorgeous sights in the whole

entire world.

What I can honestly say is great about these works of art is that the ones I ‘ve enjoyed the

most will never ever leave the confines of my mind. There is always something to remind me

of that piece that i admired, and spark the great feeling that i had, whether it be a certain

smell, feel, or something you saw that was similar to what moved me. I personally feel that the

human mind should be an archive filled with memories of these simple things that bring us such

happiness. Right now the memories of these works of art created by man and nature are ones of

these things that really make me happy in life and im glad I get to share these feelings that I have

about this world with whoever reads this essay. I know that a lot of people cannot understand

this belief because they are so wrapped up in the ignorance in today’s society, but maybe one

day they will open their eyes and see what I see. I always hoped that I could be a person to

change they way people viewed life the world around us. If I am the one to bring that change ill

do it one step at a time and this piece of my mind that I have written on this paper is that first