There’s Always a Reason

Lauren - Boston, Massachusetts
Entered on September 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

Looking at my grandfather in his hospital bed was a very hard thing to do. He was in very good physical condition for his age and when he got a brain hemorrhage, my family seemed to be lost in confusion and despair. We prayed every night to God so that one day soon he would be able to walk and talk again. Six long and intense months of praying went on, but our prayers were not answered as we wanted them to be.

At first I thought it was my fault he passed away. I thought that if I had only prayed a little harder, or went to church a little more often he might have made it. I then realized that maybe he was better off in his new home in heaven. Maybe he was in a better place. After all, it was awful to see him suffering so much in an immobile bed when he used to be so active. Since then, I believe that everything happens for a reason.

When something goes wrong I always remind myself of this philosophy and it gives me comfort in knowing that maybe something good will come out of the bad or unexpected. One time I chipped a nail that I had been trying so long to grow and I got angry. But the next day I got that very same finger jammed in a door, and if I had my long nail it probably would have ripped of entirely. Everything that happens, whether it is good or bad, occurs for a reason. Always remember that.