My Goals, My Dream, My Road

Corey - Newcastle, California
Entered on September 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe the measure of a man is not the road he travels but the choice’s he makes along that road.

Throughout my life I have always made personal goals, goals about school, wrestling, and becoming a good person. The final outcome has not always gone my way but in a way that has made me the person who I am today, the person who will make me dreams come true.

As I start my senior year I think about what I’m going to have to do, and how I’m going to do it. My road to the future is all coming down to my final year in high school. In November the wrestling season starts, in December grades come out, and March will be the most important month of my life. In wrestling the state tournament is held in March and coincidently the same month you have to send a letter of commitment to the college you’re planning on attending. Will I have done everything I could to become college quality? Will I have accomplished all my goals? Will I be what their looking for? Although I’m not under that much pressure right now I can feel my road narrowing.

My road started in the third grade, my first recorded wrestling season. The road goes on through middle school, junior high, and my three years at Del Oro. Now I come to my first major intersection faced with college, dreams, expectations, happiness and choices.

Over my junior to senior year summer I had the opportunity to stay at a couple college campuses and meet with their coaches. I went there to sell myself and to picture myself attending the school. During one of my stays I realized me next big goal.

My goal is to be accepted to Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. The choices I make between now and then will all reflect upon my goal, just as this goal will reflect upon my dream and the road to my future.

Even though there will be many obstacles, challenges, disappointments and some things out of my control I will never look away from my road to my goals. When these detours arise there will be more choices and actions I will have to make. I am very fortunate for the family that I have because I know that when I’m faced with one of these problems they will always be there to help me and coach me through. God is another who I turn to for guidance even though I know he is just testing me.