Power in Art

Erin - Penryn, California
Entered on September 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the power art either visual or performing. Art is something that will always be there for someone no matter what. Whether it is singing, or painting, or drawing, or playing an instrument, or a play to act in, or to write a story or poem, or music to listen to, or the art museum down the street and around the corner, it is always there for a person to fall back on.

I have had art in my life as long as I can remember. My family has always considered art, especially singing, huge parts of our lives. We have all been singing at church and school since before I was even born. We love to sing. Last year I joined my high school band, add in another point to my-life long love of music. Then there are my sisters, my mom, and me who are all really big crafters and love to decorate cakes. Add in my oldest sister and my absolute love of drawing and painting, and a person comes up with a family centered on art in one form or another.

When I was very little, I would go to football games and at half-time the band would get on the field and play their show. Their best show of the year was always the Light Show, where they would turn off all the lights in the stadium and the band performed in the dark while marching with glow-sticks attached to certain parts of their uniform (such as shoes and hats, also known as shakos). It was always so amazing, but I always had envisioned my-self on the football field playing football rather than marching with the band. I had always been this way due t the fact that that my family was always into football. Every year, every season, every game my family was there watching, at least for my local high school. Yet for some reason I had drifted to my friends in the band at school. Then at the end of my sophomore year I started looking into maybe joining the band. My desire to play football was not allowed to become a reality, and I believe that was for the best. So therefore my junior year, last year, I joined the Del Oro Marching Band as a member of the colorguard. I was able to perform those amazing half-time performances and that famed Light Show. Through this last year I have become even more dependent on practically having to always be listening to music and always having the possibility to work on one of my pieces of art. This bought about my official transformation to a more complete art personality.

Music and art have become such important parts of my life. Every time I’m having a rough day or want to celebrate something I usually turn to art whether through music or through my paintings. They are always there for me to work on or listen to or whatever with no matter what I’m feeling or why. My art side of my life has helped me through pretty much everything possible and that is why I believe in the power of art.