This I Believe

Rachel - USA
Entered on September 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

I believe in making mistakes. Making mistakes has always been a learning experience for me. In the world today everyone to expect you to be perfect but you can’t be perfect unless you make mistakes along the way. I have always wanted to be perfect, to never make mistakes but that is something impossible for anyone to accomplish. Several people that I know do not except the fact no one is perfect. Making a mistake means not being their friend and they move on to the next person hoping they will fill in their wants for a perfect friend.

Out in the work force everyone is expected to be perfect at what they do but you can not learn unless you make mistakes. I have always had people who shoot me down cause I make mistakes and always had a hard time finding someone who won’t judge me by the mistakes that I make.

Half way through my junior year I met my best friend Breanna. We started to hang out and I thought she was going to be like any other friend that I have. Now that a year has gone by she has been there fro me no matter what and has never judged me about anything that I’ve done. Even my parents criticize me about all the things I’ve done and the path I have chosen to take. My parents always tell me that I am making so many mistakes and I tell them “How will I learn if I don’t.”

I am always working hard for the things that I want and if I slip and fall I will get right back up and not let anyone bring me down and tell me I’m worthless for making so many mistakes. Nobody is perfect and they people who are telling you that you are worthless are the ones with the flaws. The people who are judging you when it is not their place to say are the ones making the mistakes.

No matter how many times I get put down I am determined to keep moving on. I believe in making mistakes. I believe making mistakes is what will eventually make you perfect.