The Great Outdoors

Jacqueline - penryn, California
Entered on September 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that spending time outside is good for the soul. I am a teenage girl who is very confused about her life and future but there is one thing that always helps me sort things out or at least folerate my confusion and that is spending time outside. I am a tomboy and i have spent a lot of time outside and it always helps me get things straight.

i have always enjoyed being outside whether i was playing with my dog or going camping for a week. Any kind of activity outdoors is very satisfying and makes me feel like i have accomplished something, whether it be fishing, reading, camping, hiking or working in the yard. No matter what, i have accomplished something even if i sat outside and did nothing, it is still better than watching TV. Even though i have thought this as long as I can remember it wasn’t until recently that i realized how important the outdoors was to me.

Until this past summer i never would have thought that spending time outside away from technology and the normal stresses of life would make me happier and clear my mide and heart of all my problems. i spent three days up at Bowman Lake enjoying the outdoors and how beautiful the lake was. i didn’t have to think about homework, work, or the presssures of daily life. I got to think about what was important to me, my family and friends. Since tht weekend i have been closer to everyone that i love. Fresh moutain air is the best thing to cure a broken heart, a depressed soul, a grumpy stubborn teenager, or a confused mind.

While I was at Bowman Lake i wasa attnding a summer camp with my best friends. We did lots of fun activities such as canoeing the length of the lake, rock climbing, cliff jumping, and hiking. All of these activities were very rewarding and fun. My favorite part of the whole trip was when i would sit alone on a big rock overlooking the lake thinking about the sheer beauty of the lake. While i was up there icould clear out all of the confusion in my head and focus on what was really important to me. After that trip i no longer fought with my sister about stipid things. I figured out what was really iportant to me and how i wanted to live my life.

I love the outdoors and fresh air because they can do wonders for my confused heart and mind. I think that every person should go camping on a week long trip at least once in their life. They just might be missing something life changing. So next time you have a broken heart, confused mind, or even stressed out about work or school, go outside for awhile and relax. You’ll be amazed on how going out into nature can help your mind and soul.