This I Believe

Robert - USA
Entered on September 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

I believe that people should live everyday out to the fullest and live every day like its going to be your last. You shouldnt fret the small stuff and instead look at the big things in life, look at the big picture not all the individual spots that arent the right color. What you need to realize is that life isnt a promised thing that is just given to you on a silver plater and comes with a promise for life. No, life can be taken away at any time on purpose or on accident, life has corners you must go around but not being able to see whats around should be a good enough reason to live your life out to the fullest.

I believe that people should take this seriously into consideration and not just think life is all about work. I honestly had a friend in middle school his name was Ryan and he was a great friend and a great boyfriend to his girlfriend Michelle. He played football, baseball, and loved to sing he basically had it made being a star in all three areas. But one day while riding with a friend his hat flew out the window, knowing it went out Ryan stuck his head out as far as he could and looked were it landed just then he blacked out and whent into a coma.

Ryans head hit one of the industrial metal telephone poles and literally smashed his skull to pieces. It took three days of work to get it all put back together and piece together his skull. he had to learn to do everything again meaning eat, walk, talk, write and everything in between. Ryans head hit the pole at 20 mph. So you see you may have a life or given a life but there is alot of unexpected turns.

So you see even Ryan who had it basically made in school and college can have an unexpected turn. Live life to the fullest dont look back on what tings you regret anything. I would rather have nothing and die happy than have everything and die miserable. To end this just make the life you have no matter how bad or horrible it is find the good things in it dont look at what you dont have. There is no amount of protection or reassurance that guarentees you life so why not live it outeveryday and dont look back. Your never gonna get your future if u keep driving backwards always keep the pedal to the floor and keep moving forward and if things get cold turn on the heat.