Me and My Music

Lauren - Rocklin, California
Entered on September 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Me and My Music

I believe in the power of music and all the different influences it can have on us. I grew up with country music playing in the car, at the house, and all around me, but now that I am older I listen to everything but country. Don’t get me wrong I still listen to some country but I am very critical of it. I guess it’s my way to rebel against my parents, by listening to music even if they don’t approve or enjoy it.

I have nothing against country music other than all it talks about is how much life sucks, whether his girlfriend dumped him, his dog died, or the love of his life (his truck) had enough of him and died. Music does have an effect on me personally whether it’s a positive or negative effect.

Something I have noticed is that every time I listen to rap I have a shorter amount of patience, and when I listen to alternative I have a calming that just comes over me, I am always in a hyper mood after I listen to rock and positive uplifting rap. It all depends on the lyrics and the meaning of the song.

Recently I have been struggling to agree or understand anything my parents say. I have realized that every time I am frustrated or angry all I need to do is go into my room and turn on some of my music and I am calm and cheerful within ten minutes.

I have been singing in public ever since I was five and every time I sing to an audience I always have at least one person come up with a gigantic smile and tell me how calm or happy the song made them feel. I know that every time I sing and really get into the music it speaks to me and makes me happy, even if I don’t sound great, I like to sing and share the talent I have worked so hard to strengthen.

Without music I know that at least my life would be dull, it wouldn’t have half the excitement and unchanging happiness that it does. I don’t know what I would do without music. And not just me but every single high school student nowadays has some sort of music player whether it is an ipod, or a portable cd player, and when they are alone and have nothing to do or no one to talk to they plug the head phones into their ears and enter into their own little world with their exciting music that makes them feel good.

Music has a great and powerful influence on everyone today. Whether you listen to music while you are showering or doing your homework or if you just listen and sing along with it while you are in the car, we all have a kind of music that makes us feel happy and keeps us going even in the hard times. This I believe.