I believe in Dance

sarah - newcastle, California
Entered on September 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18


I believe in dance and that it can bring life and happiness to everyone. Dance gives me the freedom and opportunity to express my feelings, attitude, creativity, emotions and it brings joy and happiness to my life. You can dance to anything, in life we have music and rhythm all around us we just have to listen and let our body move to the sound. Music is just a sound it doesn’t come to life unless a person brings it to life and one way of doing that is by dancing.

When I was five years old my family and I took a trip to San Francisco. I remember this trip like if it was yesterday; my mother had just bought me a brand new beautiful dress. It was white and light pink with about a thousand of ruffles on it. I begged my dad to let me wear it on the trip after a lot of puppy faces and “daddy pretty, pretty pleases with a cherry on top, I’ll love you forever and ever.” He finally allowed me to wear this gorgeous dress and I really felt like a princess wearing it. As we arrived in the chaotic city we fought for a parking spot and off we went to walk the city. Bums live everywhere in San Francisco, whether it be on the docs or walkways, playing music, dancing, scaring people, doing stand up comedy and other things to make them a quick buck. After a long day of adventures, my family and I decided to get some food to eat. As we walked to the restaurant I suddenly heard this sound, I followed this unique sound until I came to find two bums playing music. One was singing the other was playing the guitar, together they made this noise I couldn’t help being infatuated with. All of a sudden my feet and hands started to move slowly and faster, before I knew it bam my body and head started to flow to the beats they were creating. I was dancing, my mom told me that was one of the happiest times she has