John - 95650, California
Entered on September 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe

I believe in many thins, but there is only one thing that I devote everything that I have and more too. The thing that I most believe in is trust. I believe that all of the world’s problems would nearly be solved if people were able to trust one another more. My parents raised me in a way that emphasized trust, which is probably why it is so important to me. I was taught that it is nearly impossible to gain things in the world without some form of trust being involved, whether it be in a family scene or in the business world.

With trust man can gain almost anything. Think if every country in the world trusted one another completely, there would never be any way. If every man woman and child trusted each other, all the conflicts of the world would disappear forever.

Trust is no easy thing to be given though. When I was younger I was a fairly good son and I kept out of trouble for the most part. This caused me to gain the trust of my parents. But when I did do something wrong and got caught, I lost a portion of my hard earned trust. That’s the thing about trust, once it’s gone its extremely hard to earn back.

Trust is the key to all the meaningful relationships in my life. Without being able to trust someone, I believe there is no point in even associating myself with that person. Although I only have one blood sibling, I have grown so close to my best friend Mike and my trust is so strong in him that we are brothers now. Another person in my life that I have grown to trust completely is my girlfriend Natasha. Early in my life I had a hard time talking to girls, solely because I didn’t think I could trust a girl as much is I trust my friends. Once I met Natasha though, I realized that the most amazing thing in the world is to be loved and trusted completely by someone. Although there are times when my relationship with her encounters small issues, because if the trust we have in each other, we can work through these bumps and grow stronger in our relationship.

Overall I believe that without trust, the world will surely undo itself, until it ceases to exist as we know it and only as a world of chaos and war. So lets all show a little trust in our lives, shall we?