I Believe In Balancing Happiness

Michael - Loomis/Ca/95650
Entered on September 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that you have to make yourself happy. There are four areas that happiness can be categorized into for you to maintain it in every aspect of your life. If you can balance these four areas you will continue to be happy.

School life is the biggest part of most people’s lives 18 and under. For most people to be happy in school there is a required balance of successfulness when it comes to grades. This is the first instance of a required balance. You need to be successful grade-wise to keep your parents happy and if they aren’t happy then you normally won’t be happy either. Back in eighth grade, I was grounded for more than half a year for my grades. Now that my grades are better I am free to do what I want and my parents and I are both happy.

Career is another category that you need to balance but is basically the same thing as school later on in life. Both are pretty much work. Like school it also helps to be social with your co-workers or else you definitely won’t be happy with your job. I try to become friends with everyone I work with so that I’ll have someone to talk to during my shifts that will make the time go by faster. You also need to do well at work to be happy in your home life.

Your home/personally life is another category that has to stay in balance. This mainly needs to be balanced with your career. If you focus on your career too much you may wear yourself out and your family may be neglected. If you focus on your family too much and not enough on work, you will never get anywhere and you may not even keep your job if it gets too out of hand. In this case, maintaining a good balance is the key to keeping the career/home-life engine running smoothly.

The last category that needs to be kept in balance is your overall social life. You should keep a balance between how much time you spend with friends and how much time you spend with yourself. Keep your friends close because for a lot of us they are what helps us keep our sanity, however; save time for being alone to analyze your thoughts and values on a regular basis so that you won’t find yourself making bad choices. Me personally, I like to go jogging late at night because it’s quiet and it’s a great time to think by myself.

If you manage to keep these categories of your life in balance then you will find that true happiness isn’t really that hard to come by. It takes effort but the effort will pay off in the end when your school-life, career, private/home-life, and social life are all looking so bright that you need shades.