Punching Away Stress

Bradford - Newcastle, California
Entered on September 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The punching bag has always brought great joy into my life. Many people may find this odd or disturbing, but the punching bag is a great object with many benefits. A misconception about the punching bag is that it creates anger and has the potential to manifest violence against people. However, this belief is totally untrue. The punching bag has always relieved my stress, rid me of anger, helped me build muscle and work on my self-defense technique. I believe in the punching bag for its ability to build muscle, practice self-defense, and most importantly to relieve built up stress.

The punching bag is a great way to build muscle through out the body. It helps me work on my upper body muscles such as the biceps and triceps. It also allows me to work out my lower body muscles such as the calves and hamstrings. Simple work outs, a couple times a week, on the punching bag can help me burn fat and tone muscles.

I believe protecting myself against people who intend to do harm to me is a must. That is why using the punching bag to practice self-defense is a belief of mine. I used to attend an Isshinryu Karate school and everyday I went I would use the punching bag to practice my kicks and punches. Overtime I became more skilled in my self-defense by using the punching bag. It helped me then and helps me now with becoming a better fighter and more capable of defending myself. Today I still practice my self-defense skills on the punching bag.

Most importantly the punching bag helps relieve stress. I’m a pretty happy and friendly person. I get along with most people and don’t pick any fights. However, once in a while I’ll get very frustrated or stressed. For me there is only one way to relieve this frustration or stress and it is through the punching bag. I believe that the punching bag is the perfect stress reliever and is much safer than the alternative of fighting.

I believe the punching bag is a great object to work out on. When working out on the punching bag I can practice some self-defense moves to keep me fresh on my karate skills. When I am not around a punching bag, however, I find other objects that are soft and able to take punches so that I can relieve my stress. I believe that if I were not to have a punching bag I would be a very angry and stressed out man, rather than the happy and friendly guy I am.