Music, a Way of Life

Jesse - Auburn, California
Entered on September 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Music is not just sounds and words but it is a release of emotions, a stress reliever and a general way of life. I believe that music can help any bad situation fade away into non existence. For instance, there are many different types of music that can relate to different moods and situations. If you’ve had a bad day and you just need to get away, then music is the perfect escape. Without music life would be tasteless. Music brings people together in many ways, such as, music festivals, concerts and good old fashioned karaoke nights at the bar. Nothing can show your true feelings better than music.

I believe that many people show their emotions through the music that they play. For instance, music shows your true feelings and allows others to better understand your outlook on the world. Many people can learn from what is being said in the lyrics of songs which have been written by others who believe in the same way that they do. This helps those who are struggling to understand who they are. Not only is music a release of emotions but it is also a great stress reliever.

People who are stressed can release this negative energy simply by listening to music. Whenever I was stressed or when my parents were fighting I would just listen to music and it really helped me clear my head. There are songs that can relate to any situation which helps you solve the problems that have to be faced in life. Songs can also bring back memories from the past which can brighten up your mood and cause you to be less stressed out. For example, whenever I would ride around with my grandpa in his truck we would listen to an old Marty Robbins tape and even today we’ll listen to it together on our way out to Denny’s. Those memories will always be with me and in the future if I ever want to go back to those less stressful times all I have to do is pop in that tape. The rhythm of songs can get you pumped for whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish which can reduce quite a bit of stress.

Many people can despise music simply because they don’t like what is being said in the lyrics. However, these lyrics are just the beliefs of the artist and they should not be judged for what they believe in. Music is simply a way to show how you feel about a certain subject and allow you to be heard by others. Music has changed this world for the better. With music we have been able to release stress, share emotions, and unite together. Without music this would not be a possibility for some. I believe in music, for it has helped me through many hard times and will continue to do so for many years to come.