I Believe in T.V.

keith - Newcastle, California
Entered on September 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

For all my life I have watched loads upon loads of TV and I have enjoyed every last bit of it. I know everyone says it’s not healthy to watch too much TV but in my opinion it’s one of the greatest inventions ever created. For the person who created this device was a genius and I congratulate him for making my life more interesting. The reason TV is so great is because it preoccupies your mind when you have nothing better to do, it brings families and friends together, and it teaches you things that could come in handy one day.

When your at home doing nothing, don’t you feel like your just bored walking around and sitting at the computer, and you cant think of what to do. Well your answer is solved because TV is here to fill that void in your life that you have been missing. Also when you feel sick and you can barely move and you cant fall asleep what are you to do except watch a good channel on the history channel or maybe the discovery channel. Another thing when you get home from a long day of school or work what are you going to do sleep, well yes that is sometimes good to do but when you don’t feel like sleeping you can always scroll down the channels to find that on show to make you feel good.

Yes although TV gives you individually something to do it can also bring the people you like together. For instance movies and TV shows can be shared with you, your family and friends to bring each other together and make it a jolly good time for everyone. Some families have times where they watch Movies once a week or sometimes just once a month to keep there family closer. So the more you watch TV the more time you can spend with the people you love.

For the last and most important thing about TV for me is the knowledge you can receive from it. On just about every channel you can learn at least one good thing that you can take in to make yourself a better person than what you were before. TV is a great teacher because from it you can learn any number of things in short amounts of time, whether it’s science, religion, history, animals, etc. There is an endless amount of knowledge in the channels we watch and with every channel you watch you will get smarter.

So any time you feel relaxed or bored remember to turn on that TV and drift off into a dream like state. Always remember that it is also a great way to get together with your family without doing to much work. TV is also an amazing gift that we should cherish every day and hope to learn from it’s teachings no matter how irrelevant it is.