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Angelena - USA
Entered on September 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Who of us doesn’t dream? I believe that everybody has a dream and can obtain it. I believe that I’ll be able to be a good actress and a model. You’ll ask me why? It’s an interesting question. I wanted to have a lot of professions, but about four years ago, I decided that I desired to be an actress. I saw a lot of films, and my favorites are: ?Pretty Women?, ?Ocean’s 12?, ?Titanic?, ?Resident Evil?, ?Lara Croft?,? Georgia Rules?, ?Enough? ?I Know Who Killed Me? and maybe this films made me want to be actress. I read a lot of magazines, observed American stars’ lives and became interested in how they make their films. The ?stars? play a big role in my life. My favorites are: J.Lo,?

Sophia Loren, Angelina Jolie, Lindsay Lohan, Julia Roberts, Eva Mendes, Kim Cattrall, and Charlize Theron. I’m not sure that without their play I’d decided it.?

?? ?It didn’t come to my mind in one day, but I found a lot of reasons why?

it’s my dream. At first: I loved be busy. I love having time for sleeping and eating. I?

like hard work, and I think it’s no easy. I don’t like repetitive work. I like always being in motion. The second reason I think I can do everything that I need to for?

this work: I think I’ll be able to play some roles well. If a producer will ask me to do something, I’ll be ready to do almost everything. I think I’ll be good in thriller films, because it’s dangerous and so interesting. And I like to play bad girls. I like when a lot

of weapons and shooting, and I think it will be better for me to do something connected to sports activities.

? ?As a model, I just like to pose.? I like changing clothes and showing them to people. I think it?s great when people see models in different outfits.? I like to have a lot of different kinds of make-up and hairstyles.

??????I had acting classes for one year and I think I did well. I don’t want to say that I ‘m perfect. I know that I have to work very hard for my dream. I need to know more about it. It’s so difficult. And I can’t guarantee that I’ll really obtain it, but I just believe. The second interesting question: how? How I decided and how I’m going to do it? It’s really difficult, because this profession can be unstable, I can have it and in one moment I can lose it. But risk ? it’s good!

?I believe that I’ll be able to study English fluently and enter an American university and maybe pass some castings. Maybe I’ll do some portfolios. I really feel that something must happen with me. Therefore I’m here. I desire to be an actress in the USA. Why? Because I think Americans make great films. I love it. I love how actresses and actors play in America better than in some other countries. Their acting speaks to me. I feel connected to the USA and it consumes me. I like everything that’s connected with show business. I absolutely understand that it’s more difficult to be actress in another country, than just be actress. Because you need for people to accept you, for people here to believe you. I need to do for this a lot! At first I need to prove that I really want to be here, that I really love this life and these people. And the last question it’s ? what is new I can bring to show business how actress? Because I understand that not only I desire to be famous. I think,?it will be a new face, new emotions, and I hope new types of plays.