Power of Music

Tyler - USA
Entered on September 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that everyone should be able to do something they like to do every day for at least thirty minutes, whether it’s playing video games, hanging out with friends or staying in your room to sleep.

When I was in 6th grade that’s when I noticed that my life was being controlled by teachers and my parents. 6th grade is a big deal because that’s when you have the massive homework assignments and essays. For example reading almost one hundred pages in 3 days, have an essay outline due in a week, and being told you have a vocabulary test coming up and that you only have 4 days to study for it.

If I had a day where I could do anything without any interruptions, I would sit in front of my computer and play War Craft 3 and try to complete the Impossible Quiz, and if I got bored doing that then I would grab a Dr. Pepper from my fridge and watch Friends or go see a movie, and if I got bored with doing that… id most likely fall asleep from the boredom.

If my mom had a day to do anything she wanted, she would read a novel about another country. Also she would try to make a really delicious dinner, and she would dance to music.

Ok now for the fun stuff! If my brother had a day where he could do anything, he would go buy anything he wanted, like a new base guitar and a base amp… assuming he had a ton of money. He would go to a theme park and ride as many roller coasters as he could before getting sick. If he got tired of doing those things, he would play games for the Xbox 360 and for the computer. Some of the games would be: Halo 3, Rock Band and Madden NFL 09.

If a hard working person had a day to do anything they wanted, I think they would probably take a week off from their job and take a cruise. On the cruise there would be a rock climbing wall, three pools, 2 huge hot tubs and a gym. I think it is important to take advantage of free time because if you don’t, you could miss a lot: like having fun, getting some sleep you need or maybe other personal stuff… Well sense I know I’m done with this essay I’m gunna go play a game.