Power of Music

Nic - USA
Entered on September 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When my friend gave me a 2001 Chris Dury card it became the silver lining of the cloud of junk in my pocket. This was my first hockey card , and at the time I thought carrying it with me every were I went was honoring it. The creases and torn edges may diminish its value, but when I look at it I still see memories. Memories of the first games I listened to on the radio in my dads truck, these were my first moments of inspiration.

I was thoroughly inspired, yet I was not motivated. The questions started after the first year of me being a fan of the N.H.L., 2002. I had chosen to stay home and watch game five of the

Stanley Cup Final. My parents had gotten home right as Detroit was defeating Carolina. My dad asked if I had any intention of playing, I declined, not because I didn?t want to play, but because I didn’t think I could. Almost every thing I did then was the same way, if I didn’t believe that I could achieve anything, I wouldn’t continue. So I went on with my summer of playing street hockey in the drive way.

I continued declining for years; I was just a simple observer. In the spring of 2007 I went to my first N.H.L. game with still no desire of playing. After Anaheim’s Stanley Cup victory came and went that spring I started wondering why I wasn’t playing. I guess thought that I was happy just watching. That was the case before the 2007- 08 season.

School was almost out and the playoffs were about to begin. I had been watching since Paul Stastny’s opening night hattrick, saw both the Rangers and Penguins at the Pepsi center, my dad got cable T.V. so I could start watching more games. I was waiting for dinner to end so I could get to my room before the first period was over when my dad asked if I wanted to start playing. This time was different , instead of my usual answer I asked how. I was finally motivated. I have been asked how , but even I don’t know the answer.

Now, two months later I am going to be playing with the friend that started it all. I believe that behind achievement there is motivation. Without motivation I never would have believed in my self enough to do the things I wanted. Some how motivation came to me and I could believe in myself.