Hard work and its result

Austin - Kansas
Entered on September 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

Throughout my short years of life, I have found out one very important thing. I have learned that hard work today, results in success tomorrow. Hard work leaves a feeling of satisfaction. It leaves a sense of achievement. Addiction to this soon follows. It will lead to working hard all the time. Eventually, with these feelings of addiction, it will result in driving to work harder.

I have had, and still have this feeling. Last year when I tried out for soccer, I was out of shape, because I had just come back from a 4year injury. Then, I came to Blue Valley Northwest; I saw their soccer team. I saw how fast, accurate, and aggressive they played. It seemed like I could never play at their level of play. But I pushed myself to be the best I could be, all day, everyday. Now, I am one of the two goalkeepers on my team. I still struggle at times, but I play my best and give 100% all the time.

Goalkeeper was a position I thought that I could never play. I had no experience at all, but I gave it my best. Hard work results in happiness, results in achievement, results in success. Use honor when working hard, and honor honest, and hard work of others.

There is always one person who refuses to work hard and tries to slide by on things. “I don’t need to work hard in practice, the coach isn’t looking. I can just half-run this and cut corners.” This something that I hear often, or what looking at his/her actions can often imply. However, cheating in practice is the same as cheating in a game. Fitness isn’t has high as it would be if cutting corners wasn’t an option, and it won’t lead to individual success in a game.

Hard work is an ability that helps everyone succeed. Without hard work, everything will not be done right, or in the time demand that we need it to be. Being the best that is possible is crucial, and should be a self-standard. So why half do everything, when the door to success is only a few feet away?