This I Believe

Ashley - Deerfield Beach, Florida
Entered on September 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in karma, a theory of cause and effect. If one surrounds themselves with habitual negativity, it soon will become apparent that they too are negative. Although if one strives in hope, love and prosperity an active, cultured and open-minded environment will no doubt unfold. Too often we see “bad guys” go free while the “good guys” suffer in an unfair mishap of events. I believe that is a completely wrong way to look at things. There is always a continuous consequence for good and for bad, not just in the direct actions following. I also disagree that because a person commits one great act of virtue or wholehearted care for another being, it gives them leeway to get away with an act of evil following, or vice versa. If one kills another human being, do they not live in guilt and in fear of being discovered? If they do come clean and apologize to the friends and family of the murdered individual, completes hours of community service and serve time, does it make what they did right and/or excusable? I don’t think so.

I have always seen karma following right down to the bittersweet end of things. At a very young age I found myself engulfed into a life of depression and self pity because of childhood events I struggled with. I was abused physically and sexually. I began to harp on my past, trying to bring karma into my own hands by taking it out on anyone. For most of my teen years I went on acting like somebody owed me something. Feeling I was important enough to the world that all of my acting out and disregard for others would be overlooked, I was being a victim instead of a survivor. It was only when I became surrounded by people of the same thought and arrogance that it occured to me – I had brought misery upon myself instead of taking all of the bad things that had happened and growing, learning from them.

It’s always a bright idea to overcome weak, unconstructive and harmful thoughts and actions with wise, amiable ways of life. I believe karma to be a multi-purpose, inevitable encounter – a superb teacher for the mind, body, and soul showing the effects of respect to self and others with the choices one makes. Whether or not intentions are for better or for worse the outcome is always controllable as long as the repercussions are kept in mind. Positive and stimulating thoughts will keep you focused on the here and now, avoiding dreading the future and regretting the past. In karma I believe.