Father Daughter Dance

Adriana - Centreville, Virginia
Entered on September 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I believe the bond between a father and daughter is a unique relationship and never should be taken for granted.

Over protective, cheesy, annoying, and sometimes an embarrassment. Some of the thoughts that pop up in a girl’s mind when the topic of her father is brought up. My question is what’s wrong with all that?

Yes, there are boundaries to being over protective, as when your father is listening into your phone conversations and peeking out through the window when you’re talking to a boy outside, I agree that’s going over them! And when he says some joke that nobody understands and all you hear is him chuckling in the background you can’t help but feel a little embarrassed. And how he bugs you when he asks you to go grocery shopping with him or just go for a drive and you don’t want to.

Now rethink all those times where you thought, “Ugh, I cant believe he‘s doing this” or “Gosh, do I have to go with him?” What if that was the last time he asked you to do something with him, or to talk to you about boys and dating, or the last time you heard him say some tacky joke. Wouldn’t you miss all those traits about him?

December 2003 winter break I was in 8th grade, my sister and I were staying at my grandparents house because my father was in the hospital. It was getting serious but I thought nothing of it because I knew he was a fighter. The next morning December 21, my mother told me that my dad passed away. I blanked; no words or a specific emotion could describe how I felt that exact moment those words came out of my now widowed mother. However, in that split second I realized I would never be asked to go run an errand with him, or be forced to take karate classes. I got mad at myself for not taking up his offers or just spending some quality time with him. I got angry with myself because I acted like he was always going to be there and I didn’t appreciate the time I had with him. I took our bond for granted.

I would do anything just to have him here and annoy the living daylights out of me, ask a billion questions about school, yell at me to use my brain, and to discuss boys and me. I would do anything to get in his green van and just drive to the post office. So next time you get embarrassed for something your dad did just laugh and realize he’s one of a kind, or when he asks you to go somewhere with him, just go! There is no harm in getting into a car.

I believe the bond between a father and daughter is priceless and you should be thankful for having a dorky, embarrassing, frustrating daddy.