More than A Career

Nathan - Greenville, North Carolina
Entered on September 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, work

More than just a Career

Being in Law Enforcement, some say it’s a bad career choice. The profession gets bashed everyday by everyday citizens, whether the argument is the pay isn’t worth the risk that is involved or the power these men and women receive by putting on a simple badge is too much for one person. Your life could be taken from you at any second of that gruesome 9-6 or 10-6 hr. shit you are pulling to provide for your loved ones. Some may say it’s crazy and there are other options and better ways of income, but to the ones who put on that uniform its more than that, it’s a lifestyle.

Growing up all I knew was law enforcement my Grandfather was the longest running sheriff in my county. That record still stands today, sixteen years of service. My uncle was a highway patrolman who is now retired as of last July. I have another uncle who works for the Lexington police department in Lexington NC, my home town. My father was also a highway patrolman and is now retired at the age of 52. He now receives full pay and has benefits most people would kill for. All this didn’t come easy. Let’s take a look back on how he got this far. A six month process to become a state trooper is what one must fulfill to receive that badge. “Trooper School”. When asked about his experiences throughout his training my dad has hundreds of stories, some good and some bad. Many people say it’s like joining the marines. The 5:30 am wake up and workout to start the day. Someone constantly yelling in your face about every little thing you’re doing wrong that day. Basically its six months of pure hell. Throughout the schooling my father finished in at least the top 5 in almost everything they threw his way, whether it was the conditioning workouts or the bookwork that is required.

To the roads. Starting out in Cabarrus county in 1986 for one year, he was later transferred to Lexington in 1987, the year I was born. My whole life I have always heard my mother talk about those long nights being up with a crying baby (me) wondering if her husband was going to come home that night. But he always did. Whether it meant working all night and getting off at six a.m., coming home and resting until eight so he could make it to my sporting events, he would do it. Or him getting up when he really didn’t have to, to make me breakfast or drive me to school just to help my mom out, he did it, with no complaints. He had many close calls over the twenty plus years he served our county and state, he has seen things people will never get to see and would never want to see, but he took it all in stride, one goal was to be accomplished and that was making sure food was on our table and we were provided with everything we needed. So when I hear people criticizing law enforcement it bothers me. Spend a day in their shoes. The do it because they want to provide, serve and protect. Hey, someone has to!