I Believe in Blond

Kelsey - Harrisonburg, Virginia
Entered on September 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in blond. I believe in the power I have as a blond to shape my own destiny and be whatever I want to be, and I believe that no one else has the power to discourage me from fulfilling my own personal destiny. When I was in High School I had a global history class that was taught by what had once been my favorite teacher. The things that he taught in class were really relevant and still help me in college, plus he was probably the one of the fairest teachers I have ever had. One day after finals he asked me what I wanted to do with my life, and at that point in time I had narrowed it down to either secondary English education, or law. When I told him my aspirations for my future he laughed at me. I couldn’t figure out what was so funny, until he told me that I was much too pretty to be either a teacher of any grade higher than fourth grade or a lawyer. He added, still laughing, that no one would ever take me seriously in either profession because blond hair and big boobs didn’t equate themselves with success. I couldn’t believe that a mentor of mine had so little faith in what I could accomplish solely based on my physical appearance. Who was he to say that because I was born looking a certain way that I couldn’t carry out my dreams. I struggled with this, whether to continue looking at myself as I always had, as a strong, powerful, beautiful person, or should I listen to a man that I had held in such a high regard for so long. After taking a long look in the mirror, bother literally and figuratively, I realized that I was perfect the way I was, blond hair and all. Being blond had never hindered me in the past, and I had always prided myself on the fact that I had the power to do whatever I wanted with my future. I decided that I would never let the shallow opinion of anyone get in the way of my dreams or my goals. Three years later I am now an English/Pre-Law major in college and part of the honors program. I have never let the words of my teacher stand in the way of me making something of myself because I believe that the power I have inside of myself can overcome any obstacle that I may encounter, and more importantly I believe that no matter what color my hair is, what color my skin is, or of what gender I was born that I am equal to everyone and have just as much right to make my dreams come true.