This I Believe

Kaitlyn - Kenmore, New York
Entered on September 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: afterlife

I believe in life after death.

This belief began when my grandfather passed away 6 years ago. When he passed away it was unexpectently and it was a big shock to everyone. Alot of my family live in other cities and states and we didn’t see them that much so in some ways his death was a reunion to everyone else.

At his funeral everyone kept telling me that my grandpa was in a better place and is watching everything I do. These words made me realize that even though he won’t physically be there when I blow out the candles on my sweet sixteen or when I walk across the stage at my high school graduation but in fact he will be standing right beside me smiling ear to ear at both of these special moments.

Since his death I have realized that you need to take at least 10 minutes to call your loved ones and ask them how they are and that you miss them and love them because there will come a day when you will never get to tell them how much you really love them.