More than Gravity

janae - des moines, Iowa
Entered on September 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in Gravity, It holds everything together. I’m not talking about physical gravity, but the force of gravity on things you can’t always see, things like words. I believe words have the biggest most gravity, whether you know it or not. Words can either push you down, leave you floating, or just hold you together at the right time.

My friend Eric was not always socially accepted. We went to the school for the blind and took most classes at the public school. Eric needed lots of equipment to see what he was doing I remember having to stick up for him in class a lot. We went to a small town school. Most were white, and most of them probably hadn’t gone out of a 60 mile radius, so they had no problem singling people out.

Eric was very well-read since he didn’t have a lot of friends. Once you were bored enough to talk to him about all of his boring theories, he wouldn’t stop talking to you. He insisted there is no such thing as a perfect circle, and you can’t draw a triangle, because “triangle” is a concept not a shape. Sometimes it was fun arguing with him, and sometimes I would make him talk to me just so I could get sleep.

One day I went to where some friends were staying, but they were all in a meeting, they told me Eric was there and I could go talk to him while I waited for them. I decided that I would rather not listen to his stories, and wait for them, so I ditched my friends and went home. The next morning I found out that Eric had taken one last dance with gravity. He jumped of the roof of the building taking his own life.

I felt guilty, not just because I didn’t talk to him that night, but because over the years, I was cruel to Eric. We laughed at him on our trips and pulled out the ice scraper, and told him he should use it as a tooth brush for his gigantic teeth. We trained this kid with Turrets to call him a bible thumper, because we thought he was “too Christian”. We would call him to go with us when we were having a bad day, and we just needed someone to take it out on. He would go along with it just because he would rather get negative attention than none at all. The only time most of us were nice to him is when we were the only one with him.

Despite all the cruelty, whenever I was having a bad day, Eric would answer my phone calls and give me advice that he was usually right about. I don’t know why he did. Maybe he was just bored, or maybe he was a far better person than I will ever understand.

I believe words hold gravity on everyone. You should say every word like it’s your last. You never know the last time you will see that person. Everyone should have a chance at getting respect, even if they aren’t like you. You never know when you will fall down and the person least expected will pick you up.