Daniel - Naperville, Illinois
Entered on September 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30


I believe in the absolutes of right and wrong. Throw out the grey area, there is not room for maybe, possibly, sometime, I hope to do so, or almost. You do it or you don’t do it.

I believe in family first and everything else second. The most important thing in life is family. Sooner or later my parents will be gone, my sisters and I will have each other and that’s all.

I believe the world is as fair as you make it. When one door closes a window always opens, find that window and climb through it. We control the outcome of our own lives, always.

I believe in athletics, the only arena in life where every above criterion is host to a strict and stringent code; teaching discipline, self control, courage, and competition.

Lastly, I believe in friends; selfish, unyielding, kind, loyal and willing to help. We can’t get through life alone. At times friends are all we have in hard times.

This I Believe