torment and tranquility

Chris - Des Moines, Iowa
Entered on September 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in torment and tranquility, I believe this because the majority of pleasant things that happen in life are the result of an incredible struggle.

Some of the better known examples of this would be things such as; equal rights – overcoming slavery just to be seen as equal, which was a tremendous struggle yet now the difference is immense. Women’s rights is another well known struggle, as women could not vote or work at one stage so for them to be on the same level as men is a fantastic achievement.

The torment I wish to disclose is on a slightly smaller scale, however I feel it is still relevant. Primarily leaving England to come to America, having a good life in England, being able to do anything such as drink, gamble, go clubbing with friends at the age of eighteen. Having lived in England my whole life, having the entirety of my friends, family and culture there, then having to just up and leave it all solitary going into the unknown was a daunting task. Leaving everything I had ever known was a saddening time, knowing I couldn’t at that time rely on anyone else for anything. Though after a week or two when I made friends and started acclimatizing to America it became better and better, which has now I feel turned out to be the best thing I have ever done, as what I have gained since being here practically compensates for nearly everything I left behind.

Secondarily, I actually came to the states for one main reason, a soccer scholarship. Soccer itself contains torment followed by tranquility. Preseason can be the worst time of a soccer-players’ career, sprinting in heats of over 100 degrees, running until you practically pass out three times per day, pushing the body to its absolute limits then waking the next day to do it again. However by the end you are so fit and able that the rest of the season feels like a relief, and you in yourself for being in such prime condition feel better about yourself. Therefore I would say a fair trade.

In conclusion, most aspects of life will contain torment, however just remember it is often followed by tranquility.