Apple Pie

Leah - Carroll, Iowa
Entered on September 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: pleasure

Apple Pie

Apple Pie! Don’t those two little words want to make you smile? Thinking about warm delicious apple pie with ice cream. Personally I could not live with out it.

I live on a small farm just west of the intersection town Willey. We have a total of four apple trees in our yard. Every other summer the trees all produce apples, so my grandma will come over and pick as many as she can. Sometimes we will get all our cousins out to help just to get most of them picked from the trees. Gobs of apples are sent home with whoever wants to help. Most of the time my brothers and I were sent up in the loader of the tractor to get the ones on top of the tallest tree we have. Other times we would just pick them from the back of the truck from a ladder. My grandma always would pick them off the ground and say there is nothing wrong with these just a little bruised.

My grandma loves to bake so any chance she gets. If she can do it, she does it. She always say if you get me the apples I will make you what ever you want, from apple pie to apple bars or apple crisp. During the winters when her supply would run out, I would have to resort to get the bruised apple from work. Guess it paid off working in produce, take the bruised apple home that we couldn’t sell and get free food from grandma.

A couple years ago my grandma asked if I would like to learn how to bake the apple pies myself. Well of course I said yes, since I was over there almost every day anyway. I was taught how to make the crust all from scratch, and how lard was what made it taste so delicious. You have to soak the apples and then cover them in sugar, cinnamon and butter. Then bake it, doesn’t sound too hard but it actually is. To get it to come out just right is fairly tricky.

So with all the apple pies being made we would eat it with almost every meal and anytime we would get hungry. The best way I find to eat apple pie is with ice cream and straight from the oven. I believe in apple pie.