Saving a life

Whitney - Ankney, Iowa
Entered on September 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in saving a life and I don’t mean a human life, I believe in saving an anmimals life. My parents have always had some type of pet while I was growing up so I knew when I got older that I would have my own too. What I didn’t know was how much I could help an animal by adopting it. This summer I moved out on my own and I decided it was time to get my pet. I have always had a soft spot for dogs so I decided to check out the animal rescue league just for fun. I didn’t go with the intention of actually getting a dog that day, but fate had that I would. I walked in and found this little, different looking dog, I couldn’t recognize what breed she was. So as I was reading her tag on the outside of her kennel I found out that she was a two year old Puggle named Sassy. At this point, I knew that I had to have her.

My mom was with me at the time and we decided to take her into one of the little rooms so that we could get to know her a little better. She was the sweetest thing and at that point I was sold. I ended up taking her home that day. Her name is now Cloey, and I couldn’t be happier with her. It was clear that Cloey was beaten by a man or men because it takes her a long time to warm up to guys but with a lot of love and playing she has come around. I believe that adopting Cloey hasn’t only changed her life, but mine also. She has shown me that it’s not about getting the “in” dog or the most expensive dog. It’s about finding that one pet that you click with, that you love, and why not find one and save its life. While I was at the Animal Rescue League I asked one of the workers what happens to animals that don’t get adopted and they told me that they do their best and try to move them to different shelters but if the dog is old or has something wrong with it, it could be put down. This is why I believe that everyone who gets a pet should adopt, because I believe that every animal deserves a loving home. I was lucky to find Cloey, and I now know that I will always adopt because if I can help save an animal’s life I will because I believe that it is worth it.