I was Blind

amber - altura, Minnesota
Entered on September 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

As little girls many of us dream about our wedding, who will be the groom (at that age its ken), decorations. At that young age we dream big, as the years go on some of our dreams start to fizzle and that dream we had as a little girl becomes just a dream.

Thanks to a young man who never gave up on me and my parents I get my dream wedding. In the eighth grade I met this young boy through a friend of mine and right away something just clicked. I am sure that many of you have had that one relationship were the chemistry was there right away. I was young and high school was right around

the corner. This boy did not go to the same school and neither one of us could drive. Being young and blind to his love I decided to brake up with him. I wanted to be single going into high school. I wanted to date someone older plus it not cool to date someone

from a different school, so I thought! Girls, you know what I mean. I did end up dating a few guys my freshman and sophomore years but I still kept in touch with this young boy. He kept trying to get back together with me, he never gave up. I am sure that almost every girl has that one exboyfriend that never let go. I decided to give the relationship another try now that I could drive. We saw each other on the weekends, but yet again it was not working again. He was devastated but we still kept in touch.

After we broke up I just couldn’t date anyone else. I just kept thinking about him and I had to figure out what to do. I didn’t want to keep hurting him, I was a confused girl. I am sure that everyone has felt this way at one time or another. Do you ever wonder why we felt this way or keep going back? Do you ever think it’s because you love them?

I was scared of that word “love” at that age. I thought I can’t love someone. I was being ignorant, this person loved me and I closed my eyes to it. I believe that many of us do this and this is why people are with the wrong person. We open our eyes too late and that one person that could have been the one is gone.

I decided to give the young boy one last chance not for him but for myself. I let my guard down and opened my eyes to the love he was giving me. That one last chance changed everything, he never gave up on us and that is why when he asked me to marry him I said yes. I knew if he didn’t give up now he never would. That is how I got my white dress and wedding because I opened my eyes to his love.