The Power of Art

Cameron - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Entered on September 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

This I believe, art is an important aspect of our lives, and it has the power to change our lives. Art inspires, motivates and encourages people to see things in a new light. Of course some may disagree but think about it whether the art form is painting, music, poetry, acting or dance art has a way with connecting with us in intangible ways. Art often becomes a part of us, you can’t always explain why or how but the realization that this song, painting, or this poem holds value for you holds true. Me personally, I’m more of a visual person I enjoy painting, mural painting in particular. Last summer I had the opportunity of working for the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, I was getting paid to paint murals. Every morning I would wake up early, take the subway down to the mural site and spend hours a day in sweltering heat with the sun beating down on my back, painting this mural. I did this for about a month five times a week and at first I didn’t really think that what I was doing was really making that big of a deal, of course I had hoped that the mural would be appreciated by some, but I wasn’t really expecting much. Over time the response from the surrounding community really became quite amazing, random people off of the street would often pass by in awe and people that lived within the community would come and express their appreciation for what we were doing and what a difference the mural was making in the community. The mural was bringing smiles to peoples face; the art was changing people’s lives. It might have been in a small way, maybe it simply brought a moment of happiness to their day, but knowing that you’re part of something that is making a difference in a community is a phenomenal feeling. Some members of the community even went on to express how the mural was helping to give them a sense of pride, and it was inspiring them to go out and do things that could help change their community as well. And this is all being done simply through art. This is just one example of how art has importance and how it can change our lives and there are thousands more like it out there. I encourage you to reflect on how Art has been important in your life and how it has possibly changed your life.