Living a Balanced Life

David - LaGrange, Illinois
Entered on September 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe Essay

A person living a life of moderation is the most complete and fulfilled person. A person that lives a life of school and sport is able to balance his or her life with fun and play and learning. The person with a balanced life is the person that is the most grounded, the most inspired, and the most responsible. I believe that it is important to live a life gaining full benefits from all the activities done and all the knowledge learned.

For eight years I have been swimming competitively for Lyons Swim Club. Since then I have grown to become an athlete. I started when I was seven, advancing my stroke knowledge and improving my technique for the strokes. As I progressed I started to grow into my abilities and learned how to be a competitor. As the years went by I had to learn to balance the growing school work with the daily practicing. It taught me to become responsible and how to manage my time to the fullest. When I turned nine, I became involved in water polo and loved it immediately. After that I had to balance two sports with school and still maintain good grades and a healthy lifestyle.

In seventh grade I ran into personal problems that affected me emotionally and mentally. It altered my sense of rational versus irrational and caused me emotional problems. As the months went on I was able to overcome it, and in eighth grade was able to enter again into swimming, one of the sports I love. During this time I was able to progress with my condition and swimming and water polo helped to raise my self-esteem. Again, the balance of athletics and academics in my life saved me and was able to distract my mindset long enough for me to live a happy, healthy life and be proud of who I was

Today I still strive for a life of balance and moderation, being a two sport athlete and an accelerated student. When I am not swimming or playing water polo I must stay busy to avoid returning to the former state of grief and irrationality. When I am active, I am happy and my mind is where it should be in, in school and in my sports. I believe that a life of moderation and balance is crucial in living a healthy, productive life.