Andrew - Indianapolis, Indiana
Entered on September 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the power of what we call human. From the walls of a warm home to the confining walls of a prison, I believe there is hope in the human spirit. I believe that culture is contagious and every man and woman carries the human disease. In this wild spinning world, I am only as dark as the light that surrounds me, only as condemned as the saved that preach to me, and only as foolish as the wise that speak me. This I believe.

I am strong. . . I am fearless. . . I am proud. . .

But I fall to my knees in the light of love. I have been scorched by the rays of the human sun radiating from a burning heart. I have seen love make the father cry, the mother dance, the daughter sing, the son dream. I believe that we are one, that the 12 billion human eyes are one I.

I believe that you cannot cut down the human tree, only sit in the shade and taste the fruit that falls from her branches. No blade can cut the wood from the roots that have sunk deep in the soil, anchoring our existence. This I believe.

I believe that the path of religion is in the desires of the believer. Should I sing, one will dance. Should I speak, one will listen. Should I believe, one will follow. I believe a human power saves the man whose tears fall over the edge he stands before, waiting to fall. I believe that our human spirit will hide us from the burning rings of hell or chiming choirs of heaven and take us to paradise no man can conjure.

I believe I can create waves that will smash into the cliffs of the shore or gently lap upon beaches of soft sand. The splash one makes in a lifetime is only as high as the rock he leaped from. The waters are, at times, cold. To swim naked is to be a fool, and to swim life’s waters as a fool is to be free. This I believe.

I believe that I do not sleep rather; my dreams keep my mind wide open, pondering questions of a human existence. Could this world be shrouded, waiting in the silence of darkness? I believe it could be, but we have created an abounding oasis in an endless universe.

I believe the farthest I have seen was while peering from towers built by men before me. I believe that me is we and we are I and I is one. I will never bow to a king, never walk with chains, and never look back with shame. I will stand. I will love. I will believe.

I believe. I believe in what we call human.