I believe that everyone deserves a home

Mirabbos - Front Royal, Virginia
Entered on September 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that everyone deserves a home

When you take a look at the economy right now, it is not horribly bad, but it is not good

either. This means that it is sort of in a neutral position, so anytime it can definitely get worse or

better. But it is more likely to get worse than getting better, if it is not taken care of. As of now,

this bad economy has been hurting millions of people’s lives in all kinds of ways. For example,

lots of companies are losing their businesses and all the employees who work for those places,

are losing their jobs. The reason for that is because those companies are not making enough

money in order to pay their employees, so in that case they are mostly cutting their hours. But

some of them are even being fired, not because of the employee’s faults.

So at this moment it is really hard to find good paying jobs, and obviously when you

don’t have a job you can’t really afford things that you need, like a place to live, food and some

other important expenses. So all those people who are losing their jobs are not making any or not

enough money to pay the bills like house mortgage and et cetera. Those who are not able to pay

for their mortgages are ending up losing their house. More likely their house is being

fore closured which means the bank which lends you the money just kicks you out of your own

house. It’s really sad, when you think about it, because most of the families have little kids. And

they won’t have a place to stay, and they are just ending up on the street.

So what I am trying to say from this is that, I believe that government should come up

with some kind of program for people like them. In order everyone will have a chance to have a

home. Most importantly I believe that everyone deserves a home to live.