Take Nothing For Granted

Brian - USA
Entered on September 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in taking nothing for granted. A lot of people all over the world don’t have even half the things I have where i live. I developed this ideal really for the first time this summer. I went on a mission trip for two weeks with my youth group up to Cass Lake, Minnesota. It’s a really small town near the Canadian border. There are several Native American reservations in that area, and we went to an Ojibwa reservation near Bemidiji. There’s a lot of poverty there beacuse the people are still trying to recover from the mistreatment and pain caused by the European settlers and alcholism in their lives. We worked at a local Boys and Girls Club and got to know the kids really well. My partner was a 7 year old named Eddie, whom im played with all week. Eddie lived in a broken down trailor with holes in the walls and a mattress covering wher the door should be. I could not understrand how the kids were so happy while their lives were in such bad shape. It seemed like all he wanted was to be on my shoulders. That put him at about 7 feet tall so he felt important. A lot of them were abused either emotionally or physically also. It was a direct affect of alcoholism in their families. We switched from “Kid’s Club” to working in the community. The community was in bad shape so it was great we were there. Most homes were run-down trailers with holes and broken, boarded up windows. For lunch there was a soup kitchen-like meal at the local middle school. The people just seemed to want us there for company and to feel as if somebaody cared. This trip was a great time in my life because it showed me that people of all walks of life shared my ideal and also acted upon it. People from rural Iowa, downtown Detroit, downtown Minneapolis, and suburban Chicago all working together to improve the lives of others. We had a great time while also helping the people who had it much worse than we did. This experience also reinforced that I should take nothing for granted in my life. There is always someone, somewhere who has it worse off than you; no matter how bad it seems.