My Sixth Sense

Ronald - pembroke, Massachusetts
Entered on September 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Since I was born I have always had a faithful companion, a German shepherd. Growing up with a K-9 around the house gives me more senses than the average Human being. Not only having better hearing, better sight, and better smell. I believe my dog has given me more.

Protection, Protection, Protection! I can sleep easy at night with my dog On the top of my staircase, outside the bed room door. Her nightly vigil consists of listening, waiting, and watching, the night. As opposed to the neighbors with house alarm stickers outside the windows and forgetting to set the alarm every now and then. My dog advertises herself every time she barks out loud. Scaring children, women, and men with what people think is a “vicious animal bark”. In my mind the “vicious animal bark” is something for love because the bark is warning me when something is about.

Love, Love, Love! When the rest of the family is away on adventures and I must guard the fort. My dog is there to talk too. “But in auf Deutsch of course.” We have played for countless hours in the yard from chasing rabbits to throwing Frisbees. In taken watch over the house and me, I keep my part of the deal and take care or her, keeping her clean and tidy and to feed her daily. Sometimes I have to go away for some Tomfoolery and, upon returning, the dog is guarding her post crying and welcoming me home.

There is sense of love that is around, that can only be felt between a boy and his dog. It may seem like protection, but in truth my sixth sense is Love.