What I Believe as a Writer

chansi - kihei, Hawaii
Entered on September 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity, work

What do i believe about myself as a writer? I believe in time everything needs time and trust me you really need time to ake a good paper. You can never think that your gonna work on this essay for one hour tonight. No, you go ahead and work on it as soon as possible and as muh as you can until you feel you should stop and take a rest. For me the more you write and the more time you spend writing your paper. The more ideas come to your mind. It’s like reahing a goal of yours, the more you work at it the closer you are to finish it. Another thing i believe in as a writer is that you should always revise your paper. i mean give it to as many people as you can possible. I learned in my english 102 class Dr. Blankenship that the more you rewrite your paper and get as much opinions from others can really make your paper so much better. I had so much mistakes on my rough drafts. My classmates and professor helped me fixed them and tell me what i can do to make it better. Some people really need their peace and quiet but i’m the total opposite. I love he noise, I love the people and i love all the distractions because it makes me feel at ease. Like it’s real everything is real it’s life and I feel a lot more comfortable when i have all of thoe around me while i write. It opens up new ideas and thoughts into your head. It also sets a mood for you like your more happy and up beat. So you just go with the flow and relax, think hard then you suddenly get all of these new and good ideas. The last thing i believe as a writer is that you can write whatever you want. I believe you have a choice to write about what you want. A writer to fully understand a topic is to choose his/her own. Some people cant write a good quality paper when it’s on a subject the writer really dislikes. As for me i hate papers and essays on government, taxes, ect. I really dont know why i dislike that topic but it just gives me a weird feeling. You should feel comfortable and know you can back up of what you are saying. I believe everyone is a writer if you can write about what you like or what you did today and just write like a sentence or so. You just became a writer as long as you write a sentence or couple of words that is called writing and i believe everyone is a writer its just they dont think so.