Space Funeral

Sharon - Lake City, Michigan
Entered on September 8, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I Believe

I believe that when I die, I want my remains launched into space. If that’s not possible, I would like everyone TOLD that my remains were, in fact launched into deep space. (really, I don’t care if they put my body in a trash bag and roll it to the sidewalk) I just want my children and grandchildren, and great-great-great grandchildren to then think of me when they take the time to look up on a clear, dark night. I came upon this deeply held belief in my mailbox on a bright spring afternoon last year. Inside I found a package sent with a lovely bracelet and a brochure entitled “Eternity Beads and Jewelry”. I could not bring myself to wear that tiny bit of my Father on my wrist. It is beautiful. It was a kind and heartfelt gesture from my step-sister. Finally, in this way, we could all share him. I put it in a shadow box with some favorite pictures. I like to remember him but, well, it just creeps me out to be so up-close and personal with even a sprinkling of his earthly remains. It sometimes makes me sad that my grandparents body’s rest in their graves in a faraway state, no grave blanket, no flowers, no visits. I want to think of them ‘somewhere up there’ looking down on me. As a nurse, I have seen death. That moment when a living person leaves behind an empty shell. Some parts can be donated and much good done for others. That is fine, take what you need, but whatever’s left should be rocketed high enough to escape earth’s orbit. If the expense is too great, please, just tell everyone you know that Sharon went up to the heavens. I believe that is where I want to be found.