I believe in Cars and Transportation

Robert - Burr Ridge, Illinois
Entered on September 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: science

In the world today, people revolve around transportation. Almost every American has a car so they can get to work or just for recreation. One of the most exciting moments is when teenagers get their drivers license. This is anticipated throughout childhood. Years ago when there were no cars, most people lived in or near a town so they could get their necessities such as food, clothing and supplies without traveling far. But then, the car was created and ever since then, towns and cities have been more spread out and not so easily accessed without a car. Even the towns in themselves aren’t setup so that all the stores and restaurant are in one spot. They are setup where stores and restaurants are blocks apart and it makes it tiring to walk from place to place.

My grandfather passed away two years ago and left my grandmother, who had never driven a car or walked very far to anything. My grandfather always drove her everywhere. Now she needs a ride to everything, even to do her grocery shopping. She needs to go to Wal-Mart on a weekly basis. She hates being dependant on everybody else. That really bothers her since she grew up in a small town in Italy with horses, and no cars. That is a good example how being car and transportation dependant is harming people, especially the older population. Early teenagers are also affected by being dependant on the cars. With all the sports and other activities going on, they are dependant on rides from parents, siblings and friends.

But there is also a good side of having cars. Cars enable us to travel farther and faster on our own, without depending on public transit like airplanes and trains, cars give us more freedom. With plane fares so high, people are choosing to drive to their vacation areas since it is cheaper for a whole family.

With all the new technology such as planes running cleaner and farther on less fuel, hybrid cars, electric cars, and hydrogen cars, we are seeing much improvement on becoming less dependant on fossil fuel. And I believe cars and airplanes have a bright future in America.