I Believe In Fortune Cookies

Amanda - Des Moines, Iowa
Entered on September 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
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Two years ago, my family and I went to a concert at a casino/resort. Prior to the concert, we decided to eat dinner at the casino’s buffet. The buffet had a wide selection of food, as most buffets do, with various nationalities of food represented. My stomach kept directing me to the Chinese area of the buffet, where I picked up a fortune cookie to top off my meal. For some reason, I decided to hold on to my fortune because I wanted to ponder the thought of what the fortune was hinting at. The fortune said, “Now is a good time to finish up old tasks.”

To my surprise, it was as though my fortune was giving me a heads up about the next stage of my life. Within three weeks, I was laid off from my employer of four years. I knew a layoff was bound to happen, but I did not think I would be the person being let go.

Prior to my lay off, I was not happy with my life. Life seemed so bland. I felt I was not moving ahead. I was in a position where I knew I would not advance, but I needed the money to pay the bills.

Being a non-traditional student, I had always tossed around the idea of enrolling in night classes to finish the remaining two years of my bachelor’s degree. Anymore, a degree is needed to advance in the workforce, while at the same time my interest was to learn the skills to work in a field I am passionate about.

I took the fortune cookie as my official calling to take this opportunity to go back to school, finish my education and see where life takes me. In a sense, these were my “old tasks.” Within the next two months, I requested information from a local college I was interested in, and I decided to set-up a campus visit. Before I knew it, I was mailing in my enrollment deposit and doing what all was needed to be admitted as a student. I was so excited!

To make a long story short, many doors have opened in my life since that fortune. I am in my last year of college, I received a scholarship from the department in which I am enrolled, I met the love of my life who I would not have probably met if it were not for being back in school, I have made many new friends and most importantly, I am happy.

I continue to think, wow, look at all that has happened in my life from working toward, not just thinking about, finishing up “old tasks.” To this day, I believe in fortune cookies. As a matter of fact, I still have the fortune from the night at the casino/resort.