I Believe in Taking Risks

Tesia - Mosca, Colorado
Entered on September 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe in Taking Risks

I believe in taking risks. I believe in taking some of the biggest risks that you can because I think that people can sometimes be too careful with things they are doing. Or scared and paranoid that something bad is always going to happen to them. Doing things you think isn’t dangerous, crazy and fun usually is fun but your parents might think differently and keep you from doing it.

I’ve taken many risks in my life and not all of them have been very smart. Preparing for volleyball practice some friends and I went for a short drive. Approaching a sharp curve at the bottom of the hill I realized we were going way to fast with no chance of stopping. Going over 50 M.P.H. trying to say over and over slow down, slow down, slow down. Taking the turn and slamming sideways against the road rolling the vehicle over five times I realized that the risk of going this fast on this turn was the dumbest risk anyone could ever take.

So far my life has been based on taking risks. Without risks at some point in your life you really aren’t “living life to the fullest”. Sometimes when you do things you have to think things through but some people don’t think you should. Some risks you take may not come out so well but rather funny.

My belief may and could help others by showing them that it is okay to take risks and that not everything will turn out bad. It may even make their life a little more exciting and give them more stories to talk about.