Life is Not Fair

Christi - USA
Entered on September 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

My sister, Katie, is the oldest. She is three years older than I am. Therefore, she got to do things before I ever could. It is kind of funny because I never even cared about most of that stuff. I did not care until Katie got the opportunity to do things that I was not allowed to do.

For instance, when I was about six, Katie was invited to go to Mount Rushmore with some friends of the family and I had to stay home. She got to go and have lots of fun. I was stuck at home.

So, I stayed home and was bored. I think I was so bored that I actually cleaned my room.

When Katie got home she had all these really cool and exciting pictures of Mount Rushmore and lots of stories about what she did there. I was so angry and jealous that I stormed off to my room and refused to talk to anyone for almost an entire day. It was about supper time when my dad came to tell me that the food was ready to eat. When he saw that I had been crying he asked me what was wrong.

Between sobs and sniffles I told him that it was not fair that Katie got to do things that I did not. It was not fair that I had to stay home just because I was the ‘baby’ of the family. Dad’s only reply was “Life is not fair, sweetheart”. I did not really understand that statement at that time but by now I do and I have gotten use to it. I no longer expect life to be fair. Since then I have tried to keep that in mind as I go through life. I always try to remember this because it helps me come to grips with what ever life decides to throw at me, and that it is probably not going to be fair.

So now, my belief in life is that it is not fair. It is never fair and it is never going to be fair.