What If?

Megan - stanwood, Michigan
Entered on September 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Some people say that in life you have one person you can go to and tell everything to. Most also say it’s their best friend and or an older sibling that has been there before. Or your parents are always telling you that you can tell them anything and everything. But what if you want to tell them something and don’t know how to put it in words. What if this something could change how people thought of you, even you parents? What if??

I have many friends and they all tell me things that people say about me, even if their close friend said it, but its also proving to you that who told you is your friend weather you really know it for sure or not. But if you had one of your friends come up to you and tell you that your other close friend is talking crap about you, then you know that he or she is truer, what if they also talk about you. How can you really expect someone to keep something from other people? Like me, my friends tell me a lot that has happened in their life, but yet I don’t trust them enough with things that has happen in my life.

How do you tell someone that you have had so many bad things happen in your life as they are telling you theirs? How do you know if they believe you? How could you expect someone to believe what you are telling him or her if you don’t believe everything they tell you? How can two people that don’t know everything about each other and haven’t always been there for one another but are best friends no matter what?

Would you believe some one if they came up to you and told you your boyfriend or girlfriend wants to break up because of something that never even happened? Could you believe it? What if they knew he or she was cheating on you and you couldn’t believe what they are saying and trying to keep you from getting hurt worse? Would you believe your best friend or would you get mad and ruin your friendship over some one you most likely wont see after high school. Honestly, I have had friends tell me that my boyfriend wanted to break up and really didn’t want to believe it but also didn’t know if I couldn’t. To me, I keep my friends closer than I do anyone else besides family.