Choices To Be Made

Tosti - remus,49340, Michigan
Entered on September 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Choices To Be Made

There are many types of choices to be made in a person’s life. It’s just hard when it comes to making a good choice or a bad choice. Choices affect everyone’s life at any age or point in their life.

I started by making bad choices when I started high school. I was hanging out with someone that didn’t know how to stay out of trouble. I decided to be with this person and get into trouble along with him. It got so bad that the cops would get called nonstop and I would have to talk to them and tell them what’s going on. It also got to the point where my parents wouldn’t let me stay in their house. As time went on my close friends and family didn’t want anything to do with me. My parents would tell me to do something and I would choose to not listen and do what I wanted to do. One of my sisters finally talked some sense into me and told me all the choices I was making weren’t just affecting my life but also everyone else’s life as well. After that talk I knew I had to make a decision and I made the decision to stop being with that person and actually care about what I was doing with my life. After I made that choice my family actually wanted to be around me, my friends started to talk to me, and I started to hang out with more people and get my life back on track.

Now since I have been making better choices with my life my parents trust me and let me do more things that I want to do. My friends love hanging out all the time. I can actually go somewhere with my family and know that they trust me and believe that I am back on the right track so we can have a nice family time and not always be arguing. The person that I made these bad choices with is still to this day making the same bad choices and a lot more. So if someone didn’t step up and tell me that what I was doing is wrong then I would still be making all those bad choices and still be disliked/disowned by my friends and family.

Tosti Wernette