Don’t stop believing

Samantha - remus, Michigan Uganda
Entered on September 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Don’t stop believing

If you want something, do you just let it blow by you and say whatever about it? NO, I believe that if you truly want something then you need to strive for it and do everything you can to get it. I learned that the hard way. My whole life I have always said stuff like, “Oh, I want to do that, oh, I want to become a good person like her, and oh, I want to be smart like him.” Well, actually, life is harder than what you think and you have to put some effort into everything you do if you want to accomplish your dreams.

When I was little I set high dreams, and now as a senior in High school, I didn’t accomplish them like I wanted to. I gave up on the simple things, I said things I shouldn’t have said, and I quit trying. I thought that life was easy and everything I want will just come my way. Well, the real life isn’t that way anymore. You can’t give up on your dreams.

When I was a freshman, I heard the teachers talking about not giving up. I just sat there and it went through one ear and out the other. I thought “Oh, I ’m a freshman, I still have four years left I don’t have to do it now.” Well, I was wrong, I should have started listening back then but I didn’t. I didn’t take any of the advice that was given. I just thought that it would all come to me and I didn’t have to try to do anything, I didn’t have to do my homework, and I could do whatever I wanted. All I wanted to do was life my life and have fun.

Well, now when I look back at my high school I wish I could go back into time and change my willingness. I wish I would have did what I was told, and did all my homework. I wish I would have gotten all A’s in school like I know I could have done. I wish that I would have put more effort into my goals and my dreams.

I just want all the younger kids to know that life just doesn’t come to you in a spoon. You have to set goals and dreams and work towards them. You can’t just wait for them to come. You can’s stop believing.