Not Being Fake

Brandon - Fairfield, Connecticut
Entered on September 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I will do anything that you want to do, I will listen to anything that you like to listen to, I will watch anything that you would like to watch. I will be your best friend. But as soon as you turn around, I will go and talk about you behind your back, I will say what a loser you are, and I will tell other people how lucky you should feel to be friends with me because you have no other friends. My name is Brandon, and I believe that people in society base their lives on being fake.

This, I believe is a rule that I live by, it is something that I practice everyday. Being you is a rule that I follow. I act the way that I want to. I am not going to act a different way just to”impress someone”. When someone doesn’t act the way that they want to or is FAKE, then they have a dead personality, people who are able to “click” on an off one personality to another, don’t really have a personality at all.

When you recognize the feeling of being fake without trying to change it, and when you do not defend against it, you will feel complete nothingness, worthlessness, complete lack of support, complete helplessness. It is not that our process creates it; no, we have to go through it because it is there. This hole is there in our depths, and we are constantly avoiding it. When we allow ourselves to experience it, we might learn that emptiness is nothing, only peacefulness, and that the chasm is nothing but a boundless peace. It is emptiness, and it doesn’t have a selfhood, but it is not as scary as we imagine it.

High school kids have many issues that they deal with in their everyday life, they deal with relationships, academics, sports, work, and drama and I don’t mean the acting drama. But they also deal with friendships. Most kids, well at least from personal experience, are fake, they will do what ever it takes to try to “be cool” in front of one group of friends, they will do what ever it takes to fit in, and if that one thing is being fake to other people, then so be it.

When someone is fake they are not only being untrue to others around them, but they are also being untrue to themselves. I believe in not being fake.