science v. religion

Brian - remus, Michigan
Entered on September 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: science

Science vs. Religion

Now let me start by saying that, yes, I did grow up in a very religious family. We went to church every Sunday and I went to a Catholic school until I was in the sixth grade. However, even during this time I still from time to time questioned certain things that were being taught to me that religion stated as being true. When I would ask my teachers at school how this was they would as me why I would even ask that question and tell me that “thoughts are the kind of questions that should never be asked.”

Once I started junior high I determined that not everything that had been taught to me as a child was true. For instance most of the things referenced in the Bible. Such as the Earth being created in just seven days. I have to side with science on that one just because I have tried to think about this in from a religious point of view but…then I have thoughts, and if you have thoughts like I do there are a lot of gaps that religion fails to fill in. However, I do still think that the lessons and morals shown in the Bible are a good reference for many people. Like being kind to each other and helping the less fortunate. That’s why the church sends out the collection basket right. I don’t think however that we are really helping the poor by throwing money at them. That isn’t going to motivate them to get a job and start helping their own people that just puts in thire mind that they don’t need to get a job because the Americans will just keep sending us food and money.

Evolution is another big controversy between science and religion. Now the Bible says that “God created everything including the fist two people, and they had two sons and from there, there is this really big gap of time. What happened during this time the Bible fails to mention, but suddenly there are all kinds of people. Now they just went from four people, three boys and one girl. Now if you ask me there was some incest going on there after the garden, which the Bible says is WRONG.

These are just some of the experiences that have changed the way I view religion and the things that most religions say. Because I have really no religious side I have found that science can fill in the gaps that religion has left out.

With the problem of the poor people with no food, science is finding new ways to grow more drought resistant plants and plants that can grow more food on one plant. Through the process of changing the genetic make up of plants, scientists are finding better ways to help people in, say, Africa and places that are typically not suited to grow plants where they normally wouldn’t be able to grow plants.