This I Believe

Jimmy - remus, Michigan
Entered on September 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: war


My cousin had just turned 18 when he finally decided that he was going into the Army. He had thought about it for a long time before he started. He was only in boot camp for about four weeks and then he was shipped off to this so-called “None War”. He fought for his country with pride unknown to most soldiers. I remember how he explained it to me how he said that it was an experience of a lifetime. He wouldn’t recommend it to just anyone but that it was the job for him. Then the worst happened: he was hit by a roadside bomb and lost his left leg. He still holds this war very high, but, me, I don’t know anymore.

I believe that the present war is a joke. Not saying anything about the veterans or current soldiers; I have a great respect for them. But, come on, President Bush is spending money on a war that isn’t even a war anymore. This “None War” is ridiculous to me. We send over troops that end up destroying buildings. Bush sends them money to help rebuild buildings that we helped destroy. I think that Bush needs to quit setting dates for the troops to come home because he just keeps changing it. He should just pull them out and ends this dumb war. There should be no more troops sent over if you ask me. We have more and more of our Americans dying and yet Bush sends more and more of them to their death without even thinking about what it is he is doing. He is ripping these families apart and for what? To prove that he can beat anyone he comes across?. This war has been brewing since 2001 and there is no clear sign of it ending any time soon. I don’t just think it’s the president’s fault either but he dose have a lot to do with it. He controls what goes on and he could have the troops pulled at any time. The war has a lot of things in it that I really don’t like, but I have no power over it so what goes on will keep going on. Even if I think that most of it is wrong. Like the great band once said “What Is It Good For Absolutely Nothing.” This war has done real wonders for the gas prices raising from $1.50 to $3.75. I mean, really, how could it get any better?