Gangs are Stupid

Roderick - San Leandro, California
Entered on September 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

I believe that all things about gangs are crap. It’s all un-needed and stupid to me. It don’t matter where you’re from, we are all alike. You have all these Latinos and blacks fighting one another over stuff they weren’t even born to witness.

I believe that most gang members don’t even know the history of gangs such as the Nortes, Sureno’s, Bloods, and Crips. You have 7 year old boys and girl becoming gang members because of what side they’re from. I feel like they don’t realize that there killing their own kind over stupid stuff.

I believe that all this gang violence needs to stop because all they are doing is creating more stereotypes about themselves, and making themselves look bad. I see most times that gang members really don’t see the damage that they are doing, creating, and adding to every single day. I sometimes feel like they won’t stop until there is nothing. Gangs to me are like a dangerous, contagious disease that can’t be cured.

I believe all this stuff with gangs is old and needs to stop already. Things are getting worse all the time. If these things continue to get worse the world will most likely end faster. I believe things need to change.