Unity through Art

Russell - Hayward, California
Entered on September 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in peace, love, and friendship. I believe that peace is easy to find through love and friendship. I think that our society makes people afraid to be themselves and this sometimes makes people afraid to love. It is hard,(if not possible) to feel the peace and love a person has to give if you are being a “fake person”. Truth leads to understanding and understanding leads to a personal connection between people.

I believe in a life full of many different beliefs. There is no true or false to me. Instead of arguing my belief with another, I try to understand why the person believes what they do. This normally leads me to a better connection with friends and a better understanding of life itself. Perceptions in my belief are different depending on the person. Two people may never agree on something because they perceive it in a different was. I believe that we must stop worrying about these differences and enjoy them instead. Without differences, everything would be boring. I think the beauty of the earth is infinite. I think the beauty of people and the human mind is also infinite. I think God is incomprehensible, yet still loving. I believe I have too much to say.

I believe in peace, love, happiness, friendship, unity, and art.